We are in Umbria, in Orvieto, a city with a very long and ancient food and wine tradition that begins with the Etruscan civilization of which Orvieto itself was one of the most important cities of the entire Etruscan twelve-city.
This population was the first to introduce in the area a particular skill and attention to the preparation of food and drinks (the famous Orvieto wine was started to produce in this area with the Etruscans) which were the basic element of the typical “etruscan banquets” .
Still today you can enjoy a traditional food and great wine in Orvieto.

In our restaurant you can find the original spirit and passion of the old culinary tradition. An example are all the our home made type of pasta (pappardelle, tagliatelle, ravioli)… And our grilled meats and local vegetables.

We are located in Piazza Angelo da Orvieto, in the Corsica district, a very quiet and relaxing area of ​​the historic center, a few steps from the Pozzo di San Patrizio and the beautiful church of San Domenico and less than ten minutes on foot from the Duomo. We are in a few distance from the tourist bus parking and the car parking of Via Roma.

  • Hours: Lunch (12.00 am / 3.00 pm) – Dinner (7.00 pm / 10.30 pm)
  • Open all days except Tuesday (closing day if it’s not holiday)